“Naples is the largest city in the south of Italy and its harbour is one of the most important in Europe”

The Gulf

The Marina is located within the Gulf of Naples, 12 km from the city center towards East. From here you can easily reach Amalfi (31nm) and Sorrento (13nm), the famous islands of Capri (17nm), Ischia (16nm) and Procida (13nm). With a few hours sailing you reach the most famous and outstanding sites of the Amalfi Coast and the famous Islands in front of it.


Naples is traditionally credited as the home of pizza. This originated as a meal of the poor, but under Ferdinand IV it became popular among the upper classes: famously, the Margherita pizza was named after Queen Margherita of Savoy after her visit to the city. Cooked traditionally in a wood-burning oven, the ingredients of Neapolitan pizza have been strictly regulated by law since 2004. 

Cristiana Monina Nautical Events

We organizes and runs corporate sailing activities:

⇒ Corporate Regattas Team Buildings, Incentives, Off-Site Meetings, Networking Events
⇒ Training projects on board financed by inter professional training funds
⇒ Consumer Marketing Events Sponsorships, Product Launches, Gala Dinner; these events can be included in a strategic communication plan also ensuring the Brand Reputation
⇒ Sport Events regatta organization, crew set-up to national and international regatta
⇒ Social Campaigns sailing therapy and corporate social responsibility activities.

Your sailing event to entertain, train, incentivize
and offer participants a day of healthy competition!