“Sardinia’s historic capital”

Forget flying: the best way to arrive in Sardinia’s historic capital is by sea, the city rising in a helter-skelter of golden-hued palazzi, domes and facades up to the rocky centrepiece, Il Castello. Although Tunisia is closer than Rome, Cagliari is the most Italian of Sardinia’s cities. Vespas buzz down tree-fringed boulevards and locals hang out at busy cafes tucked under arcades in the seafront Marina district.Famous for its Poetto Beach and the training center for the Italian America’s Cup Team Prada Luna Rossa.


Marina di Capitana is situated in a strategic position, in the middle of the southern coast of Sardinia; it is only two sailing hours away from the Capo Carbonara Villasimius a marine protected area.


Malloreddus, also called gnocchetti sardi or ‘little Sardinian gnocchi’ are a typical pasta from Sardinia.  The homemade Malloreddus may have a pinch of ground saffron in the dough which gives it a slightly yellow colour. To get the characteristic shape, Sardinians traditionally hand-rolled the pieces of dough on a round reed basket.

Cristiana Monina Nautical Events

We organizes and runs corporate sailing activities:

⇒ Corporate Regattas Team Buildings, Incentives, Off-Site Meetings, Networking Events
⇒ Training projects on board financed by inter professional training funds
⇒ Consumer Marketing Events Sponsorships, Product Launches, Gala Dinner; these events can be included in a strategic communication plan also ensuring the Brand Reputation
⇒ Sport Events regatta organization, crew set-up to national and international regatta
⇒ Social Campaigns sailing therapy and corporate social responsibility activities.

Your sailing event to entertain, train, incentivize
and offer participants a day of healthy competition!